Going to Nepal after all

Just a quick note:

As some of you may know, the general strike has been called off and life in Nepal has somewhat resumed. So, I’ll be leaving for Nepal tomorrow morning as planned.

I hope that things won’t be too messy when I get there.

And in case I’m unable to blog here from behind the “great firewall of C****a”, you can catch my posts here: http://deafknee.ycool.com

See you in two months!

Off to pack. Haven’t started packing yet!



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5 responses to “Going to Nepal after all

  1. may

    glad you’re able to go after all. would be such a shame after all that prep. take gd care, have lotsa (safe) fun & can’t wait to read abt ur tales.

  2. Juls

    Sorry, i didn’t catch ur msg in time!
    U take care okie!
    Love you!

  3. DK

    Woohoo! Have fun! Take care.

  4. Changen

    going TW after all as well?…btw..you trained muay thai?…that’s very hot girl 🙂

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