In Shigatse, Tibet

After spending close to three weeks in Nepal (Kathmandu, Pokhara, Annapurna Region, Nagarkot), I’m now in Shigatse, Tibet.

We just spent almost two whole days on the road (13 hours yesterday, and 10 hours today) across barren lands, passing through hills and mountains, through 5000m high passes, and here we are in the second largest biggest city of Tibet.

The bus trip has been more pleasant that I had previously expected. With views of Mt Everest (or Qomolangma as they call it here), Mt Shishapangma, Cho Oyu, there’s really nothing to complain about. Except perhaps the toilets (that stink, literally and figuratively), when they are actually available that is.

Besides being wowed by the awesome views of nature, I’ve been very highly impressed with the level of infrastructure here in Tibet. Imagine electrical poles set up here at above 3800m, well-paved tarred roads, proper petrol kiosks, mobile reception at 5000m, proper drains next to the roads, solar panels, and great Internet facilities (we’re now sitting in a huge lan shop). Perhaps I’ve spent too much time in Nepal, where even traffic lights, clean water, and tarred roads are a rarity, at least in Kathmandu. But I would think it’s quite a feat to set up such infrastructure at such high altitudes.

Alright, gotta run. It’s 11 pm here (same time as SG, though the sun only set about an hour ago. ha!) and we gotta walk about 20 mins back to our hotel (our first luxurious stay in 3 weeks. Not that we had a choice, it’s part of the mandatory package we need to take to travel in Tibet.) Off to visit the Tashilumpo Monastry and the Potala Palace tomorrow (if they decide to open) tomorrow.

And sorry for the lack of updates. Been away from the online world quite a bit.

Will blog about Nepal soon hopefully. I miss it already.


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