Missing Nepal Already

Written on 30th May, 11pm, in Shigatse, Tibet

It’s amazing how fast three weeks has passed by just like that. I remember starting the trip pretty apprehensive as I didn’t know whether I was physically fit enough to complete the trek and also since I barely knew the other Singaporeans besides my friend and travel companion for the two months, HX.

And here I am lying on my bed in my Tibetian hotel room thinking about the events that have taken place over the past three weeks and remembering how much fun I had with my new-found Singaporean and Nepali friends and how the trek really wasn’t that difficult (though admittedly, I had a lot of help from the porters along the way).

Today, while on our 10-hour bus ride through the highlands of Tibet, HX and I spent a great deal of time recounting all the funny events and happenings and saying how much we missed the people we’d left behind.

It’s quite hard to summarise all that happened in Nepal into a single post. After all, my time on the ABC trek already takes up 13 full pages in my journal, and that’s just mainly in point form.

Here’s a brief overview:

– Two weeks on the ABC trek
– One day in Pokhara
– Almost one week in Kathmandu
– Visited three Sherpa friend’s houses and even stayed in one of their houses for two days
– Two day/ one night visit to Nagarkot, the land of Sunrises and Sunsets
– One day of rock-climbing

in other words, a hell lot of fun.

We’ll meet again Nepal someday I’m sure.


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