Written: 30 June (late night)/1 July (early morning), plane to KL (00:47)

53 days on the road and here we are at the end of the journey – seat 14C on an Air Asia flight heading towards KL. Tomorrow at this time, I will be back in my own room, in familiar surroundings, in a bed that doesn’t cost approximately ¥25 a night.

It’s amazing how fast this trip has come to a close. I was just showing HY (a Singaporean we went to Nepal with), whom we somewhat bumped into at the Chengdu hostel, all the photos that I took over the past month in China, and she managed to finish looking at all them within half an hour. A month’s worth of photos condensed into an half an hour “slide show” of photos. That’s it. The trip suddenly feels much shorter than I already thought it was.

Tmr it’s back to reality. Back to hot and humid Singapore (though admittedly, Sichuan was pretty hot and humid when were were there too)

Goodbye paradise, hello real life.

(But no, I’m not really going to miss the “dustfully” fresh air of Nepal’s cities and the state-of-the-art shitholes (aka toilets) and “spitified” pathways of China)


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