Foto Friday: The Hairy Animals of Tibet

Shigatse, Tibet
June 2010

Hairy Cat

A phenomenon I was intrigued while travelling through Tibet was the amount of fur/hair that their animals possessed. Besides the yaks that have naturally long hair, the other animals just looked a little too hairy. The cats and dogs all looked like the types of breed we’re used to in Singapore, (but then again, I’m not really familiar with the difference between breeds of animals), just hairier.

I almost feel silly posting up this photo and talking about hair/fur. Most of the areas on the Tibetan Plateau sit above 4,000m, so how surprising is it that their animals are just a little extra hairy? After all they do need the extra fur to keep warm.

But say, doesn’t the cat’s butt look like Wolverine?


Every photograph we take contains a story, but we often do not spend enough time sharing that story with others. Hence, Foto Friday was born to give some recognition to these forgotten photographs and the memories they hold. Taken over many trips (2004-present) using my crappy cameras and whatever minimal photography skills I have, these photographs serve to give you a little insight into my travels. And if you haven’t realised by now, they’ll be out on Fridays.


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