Singapore Airlines Announcements

In the past week, Singapore Airlines (SIA) announced two pieces of good news for travellers who can actually afford to fly Singapore Airlines.

1)     Flights to South America

Now this announcement got me really excited. For the longest time, South America felt like the other end of the world (though in actual fact, it really is). With the introduction of these flights, travelling to South America feels like a much more attainable goal. Imagine the places one can visit:

Machu Picchu in Peru…



the Salt Flats in Bolivia…


Bolivian Salt Flats | Photo Credit:


the Amazon Forest



– the opportunities are endless.

The first SIA South America-bound flights, which will fly via Barcelona in Spain, will arrive at Sao Paulo, Brazil sometime in early 2011.

2)     SIA introduces WiFi on flights

For the social media junkie who finds the need to tweet, check facebook, and “check-in” on foursquare at any given opportunity, this service is most welcomed. Imagine an update that says,” I’m flying over the Indian Ocean”. How awesome is that.

SIA is not the first airline to introduce such a service; in fact some American airlines have been offering the service since last year. That said, I’m not too sure how high the take-up rate would be as I reckon the service will come at quite a hefty price. This article in Wall Street Journal seems to indicate that not many American travellers utilise this service.

Unfortunately, I will probably never be able to afford to fly SIA in a long time to come (or ever), so looks like South America and WiFi on flights will remain unrealisable dreams for me. For now.


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