Foto Friday: Winning 2kg Toblerones, or not

Göteborg, Sweden
May 2008

Now that's a huge-ass Toblerone

Two kilograms worth of Estrella (Potato Chips), Toblerone, Marabou, and Daim Chocolate Bars – These were prizes up for grabs at the several game booths all over Liseberg Amusement Park. All one had to do was to place a “bet” on a number at the counter, and spin a wheel. If the wheel landed on the number, one would win that two kilograms worth of goods.

Seven of us had gone to the theme park together. We eyed other visitors carrying boxes and boxes of these around and decided that we simply had to give it a shot to get our own box of chocolate. We went to the Toblerone booth and each chose a number and placed a “bet”; there were only three other people there who took the remaining three numbers, so our chances of winning were pretty high. Apparently someone up there did not want us to die of chocolate-overdose as we did not win that bet. We tried over and over again throughout the night, but not one of us even won a single bar.

We walked away that day empty-handed (without chocolate, potato chips, or cash, having spent all on the “bets”), but knowing, thankfully, that we would be safe from choco-intoxication.


Every photograph we take contains a story, but we often do not spend enough time sharing that story with others. Hence, Foto Friday was born to give some recognition to these forgotten photographs and the memories they hold. Taken over many trips (2004-present) using my crappy cameras and whatever minimal photography skills I have, these photographs serve to give you a little insight into my travels. And if you haven’t realised by now, they’ll be out on Fridays.


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