Lugu Lake: Photo Edition

There’s more to Lugu Lake than the Mosuo people.

We stayed at the Lige area of Lugu Lake. Most travellers tend to stay at the LuoShui area of Lugu Lake, but we were advised not to stay there as it is highly commercialised. Lige, however, is increasingly becoming very commercialised as well.

Let’s just let the photos do the talking here:

The view of the Lige area of Lugu Lake

水性杨花 (Shui Xing Yang Hua), the name of this flower and a term used to describe a woman's infidelity

Can you spot the Lugu Ness monster?

There. The Lugu Ness Monster. ie: a really small snake.

Locals barbecuing

My attempt at playing boat woman. It's very hard work.

My friend, HX playing with some of the local kids

Dinner with our Israeli friends

Here's a Labradoodle (Labrador + Poodle. Not sure how that came about). There were two in the hostel we stayed at. One was free to roam around, but this one was chained. Reason according to the hostel owner? He's not "honest" and likely go around to partake in "walking marriages"

Photo credits: Thanks to Seng for some of the photos. Your photographic skills do the place more justice.


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One response to “Lugu Lake: Photo Edition

  1. hx

    Oh wells, no matter where is it in lugu lake, i think it’s commerialised. The FESTIVAL is happening everyday for the tourist, maybe in every other backyard!:p

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