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Wales: Gastronomic Indulgence

I am fairly certain that by the end of the trip, all of us had put on a bit of weight. This trip had been one of pure indulgence for our palates – Loads of rich, delectable food, white wine, red wine, beer, cider, just to name a few.

A typical spread of dinner everyday looked like this:

And we got an opportunity to eat other yummy dishes like this:

Welsh Breakfast: Cockles, Laverbread (Bread with Seaweed), Bacon, Egg

and this:

Prawn Salad

I often chose to try Welsh food to get the full Welsh experience, such as the Welsh rarebit (It does not contain rabbit meat and typically includes Cheese topped on Bread, with mustard and is a vegetarian dish), Cawl (A stew with potatoes, carrots, celery and onions), Lamb Leek Pudding, and Smoked Haddock.

Unlike these bloggers, who probably took photos of every dish they ate, however, I missed out on photos of the above-mentioned dishes.

Dong Gu, Nellie, Aries

We’d often eat so much we’d be unable to even move, but we’d still stuff ourselves plenty. Thou shalt not waste food anyway right? Especially not food that tastes so damn good.

And of course, in the presence of such glorious food, what best to accompany it but drinks?

Here, Aparna‘s taking it all the way by drinking from the bottle:

Aparna drinking out of the wine bottle

The night we were at Cardiff, we went to a bar, not knowing that it was a gay bar, until we went in and saw a drag queen show, which was pretty interesting and Anthony even interviewed the two drag queens. Of course, another awesome fact is that a pint of beer only costs £1.70.

Nellie, a guy whose name I never got, Anthony, Colin, and Lorraine -At a gay bar in Cardiff

As I was nursing a cough and was still on medication, I barely drank the entire trip, unlike everyone else who was downing wine and beer at every other given opportunity.

Does this not sound like an absolutely decadent lifestyle? Once in a while, just once in a while, I would not mind such a life..


I went to Wales to accompany 6 travel bloggers from around Asia as part of The Great Welsh Showdown, a Visit Britain initiative to introduce the beauty of Wales to the blogosphere.


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