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The packing list

12 days to departure and I’m still far from gathering the items in my packing list.

Here’s how it’s “supposed” to look like:

and this is only for the trekking/Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) leg of my entire trip. (I’m travelling for close to another month and a half after this leg)

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about trekking prior to my trip, it would be that the activity involves a hell lot of preparation. Besides the physical training (which I admittedly have not been most diligent in doing), there’s a lot of coordination with the guide to do (thankfully a friend is taking charge of that) and there’s also of course, the putting together of the items in the packing list.

This packing list is not something that I’m most familiar with. I’ve climbed several mountains and a volcano in Malaysia and Indonesia before, but given the tropical climate of these countries, the packing list for those trips looked very different. Back then, I didn’t have to worry much about keeping warm, so thermals, items made of fleece, waterproof jackets etc were not even something I thought about. In fact, I remember trudging through the equatorial forests in just shorts and tee-shirts, often braving the heavy downpours. Getting wet really wasn’t much of an issue. In fact, I sometimes relished it, and embraced the escape from the sweltering heat.

But this time, taking into consideration that ABC reaches the height of almost 4200m and that the conditions would be harsher, there is so much more I need to pack in in order to keep warm and comfortable. I can’t imagine having any more space for anything else after putting all these items from my packing list into my back pack.

And to make things worse, having not done any trekking trip of this scale before, I don’t own any of these things. So, what to do? Beg, borrow, and steal, erm, buy.

So today I finally got down to buying some of the items in my list, namely my trekking boots and a pair of sandals. Two items down, many to go. And to save money, I’m probably going to have to, in some way or another , borrow most of the other items.

Today's buys: Hi-Tec Trekking shoes and Teva sandals
Today’s buys: Hi-Tec mid cut trekking shoes and Teva sandals.

Hi-Tec isn’t exactly the most favoured brand for most seasoned travellers because the quality’s not fantastic, but at SGD95 (after discount), who can complain really? And SGD49 (after discount) for Teva sandals? What a steal. I think my feet are protected.

And after all, who knows when will be the next time I’ll be putting together the items in my packing list for some trekking trip. Hopefully by then, I’ll actually be more prepared and have the money to invest in better-quality items and not have to beg and borrow everything else.


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