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Back to reality

It feels kinda strange to be back in such familiar surroundings to be honest. It’s only been a couple of hours since I’ve been back yet it almost feels like an eternity. Just unpacked and organised all my things back in place. It’s almost as if I never left.

But I did leave those 53 days ago and I’ve experienced a lot during this period of travel -Met many awesome people, learnt a lot about myself, seen and done a lot of new things.

But it is time to get back down to “earth” isn’t it, back to a place where…
– I know how everything in the house works: each switch, each tap, and where everything is, no need to orientate and learn with each place of stay
– I’m not living out of a backpack full of ziplock bags
– and linked to the previous point, I have more than just a mere 3 sets of clothes for 2 months (yep that’s right. How did I survive?) and where I no longer have to constantly deceive myself that my clothes are indeed clean and wearable (do not judge!)
– city buses don’t come frequently and are crowded, but at least there’s a bell system so that one does not find herself missing her stop when she’s doesn’t alight fast enough
– the longest possible single journey on a bus/train within a country is only 1.5 hours, instead of 72 hours (though thankfully, I had the good fortune of only having to withstand a 36-hour train ride)
– a road trip is virtually impossible because driving more than 2 hours will see one falling into the surrounding waters. Or in foreign territory.
– I’m so used to the roads and transport system that I do not need to enquire and research daily on how to get from one place to another
– we drive on the left side of the properly-tarred road, drive within our lanes, rarely horn, and are so unskillful we won’t survive a day of driving on Nepal and China roads. Ever.
– there’s no new place to look forward to the next day.
– we won’t approach the next random person on the street and talk to each other as if we have been friends forever
– nature is near non-existent, and the only jungle we have is made of concrete. And the highest natural point is so low, it can hardly be considered a hill, yet alone a mountain.
– beer doesn’t cost S$0.50 and never will.
– noodles doesn’t cost S$1.00 for a big bowl
– one doesn’t need to trek to work out a sweat; getting out of the air-conditioning will often suffice
– weekends are now weekends again. And weekdays are now weekdays. And days have names instead of just dates and destinations.

But reality does beckon and there are things that remind me that I need to quickly move out of my travelling mode and adapt quickly back to real life, esp when…one of the first things the mother gives me besides a hug and a kiss is “a jacket for job interviews”.

Besides this, I’m quite overwhelmed by the fact that I’m actually home and still feeling quite anxious about it. And I’m probably going to need a couple of days of wallowing in self-pity before I settle back into some form of normalcy.
So give me some time.



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