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Foto Friday: The Midnight Sun

Jönköping, Sweden
June 2008

The Midnight Sun

This is really badly taken photograph. I’m not going to be in denial and claim that it is well taken. But knowing that this photo was taken at 1:30am makes the photograph worthy to be published here. No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, and neither is the light of the railway tracks illuminating the sky. But yes the sky is really still blue, and the sun is still hovering somewhere, giving the impression that it is either sunrise or sunset. At this time of year in Sweden, however, the sun never really does rise or set. And that’s the beauty of this really badly taken photograph.


Every photograph we take contains a story, but we often do not spend enough time sharing that story with others. Hence, Foto Friday was born to give some recognition to these forgotten photographs and the memories they hold. Taken over many trips (2004-present) using my crappy cameras and whatever minimal photography skills I have, these photographs serve to give you a little insight into my travels. And if you haven’t realised by now, they’ll be out on Fridays.



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