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Foto Friday: Monkey See Monkey Do

Nikko, Japan
July 2009

Monkey see monkey do

It was a wet afternoon at the Akechidaira plateau. I was walking about alone trying to catch a glimpse of the famed Lake Chuzenji and Kejon Waterfall and saw neither; it was too foggy and could barely see anything 10 metres in front of me. Seeing how I had wasted my time and money making the trip up to the plateau, I headed to the bus station to take the next bus back down to the city centre of Nikko.

There was no one else around, save for one person who was manning the visitor centre booth. Or so I thought.

I heard a scream and saw two tourists, about the same age as I, running. After a few metres, they stopped, turned around and whipped out their cameras and began snapping. There they were, a family of five Japanese macaques.

What follows was the second smallest one (not pictured here) chasing and scaring the sh*t out of the three of us. The other four did not bother much about us, thankfully. I would not have wanted to leave Nikko mauled. Here’s the father macaque and youngest macaque standing by the side of the bridge we were on, staring out into the distance. The cutest sight ever. Would not have been too cute if they did chase us too though.


Every photograph we take contains a story, but we often do not spend enough time sharing that story with others. Hence, Foto Friday was born to give some recognition to these forgotten photographs and the memories they hold. Taken over many trips (2004-present) using my crappy cameras and whatever minimal photography skills I have, these photographs serve to give you a little insight into my travels. And if you haven’t realised by now, they’ll be out on Fridays.


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