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Wales: Coasteering = rock climbing + swimming + jumping

Navigating the Coast

Imagine wearing a wetsuit and navigating along the gorgeous Welsh coastline, with the sounds of the waves of the Atlantic Ocean splashing against the rocks in the background. Sometimes you have to perform a commando crawl under boulders, other times you are perched precariously on rocks that are home to thousands of barnacles, grabbing on to them for dear life and donating a lot of skin to these sea creatures in the process. And the most exhilarating part of it is when you’re standing at the top of a cliff, with the raging waters churning below you, and you take the giant leap of faith (most literally) and plunge right into the blue deep. This is coasteering and this is what we had to do today.

Us posing in wetsuits

Commado Crawl

I’m not a fan of the waters to be honest. I’m much more of a land person, so the trek down to the waters and the process of bouldering was not too difficult for me. And another thing I’m not a fan of? The feeling of falling.

Preparing to take the leap

I knew I was asking for it when I planned for the bloggers to be videoed jumping off a cliff. I had done some jumping from a jetty in Pulau Tioman in the past, and it was higher than what I did today. But yet, when I was standing at the top of the cliff getting ready for the leap during 1 of the 3 jumps I did today, I hesitated, and ended up landing belly first. Boy was that was one painful belly flop.

All in all, coasteering was just a hell lot of great fun. Another awesome part of the activity was swimming in a cave and being tossed around by the waves like “clothes in a washing machine” (quoting what some of the bloggers said). A huge wave would rush in and crash into the rocks at the end of the cave, and before the backwash can leave the cave, another big wave would come in, hitting us from both sides, giving that tumbling feeling. We all held hands and spun around in circles, screaming and laughing at the same time.

In the "washing machine" cave

If you love the idea of rock climbing freehand, bobbing in the water, caving, and jumping of cliffs, you’ll most definitely enjoy coasteering. And even if you don’t, the picturesque view of the coast and the ocean, the opportunity to see the seals (we saw one), dolphins and even killer whales, if you’re lucky (we weren’t so lucky), is worth it all. I loved it, and would certainly want to come to Wales to coasteer again.

Dong Gu and Yuko posing with seaweed

Special thanks to Sophie, Libby and Jon of Preseli Venture.  I sure had a lot of fun and would love to stay at your place the next time I’m back in Wales.

Photo credit: Thanks to Lorraine and Libby


I went to Wales to accompany 6 travel bloggers from around Asia as part of The Great Welsh Showdown, a Visit Britain initiative to introduce the beauty of Wales to the blogosphere.



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