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Wales: A “Sheepish” Sh*ty Situation

Sheep Poo Paper

When I first heard about Sheep Poo Paper, I was immediately intrigued. Paper made out of Sheep sh*t? Now that’s got to be interesting. I thought it was a brilliant business idea though. After all, sheep is ubiquitous in Wales (there are some 12 million Sheep, and only 3 million people), so you can imagine the amount of excrement that is produced everyday. What then can one do with all this sh*t? Besides perhaps making fertiliser, there is really no good use of sheep crap, till these guys came along, and decided that one could make paper out of poo, and even earn money from doing so.

We made our way to a small paper mill in the middle of a quarry near Snowdonia to watch the production of Sheep Poo Paper. It turns out that the entire production of the paper is done, almost completely by hand, by Lez, with occasional help from his wife and his daughter, while his business partner, Lawrence, a former lawyer, focuses on the legal matters and marketing. The paper mill produces 50 sheets of paper a day, which is then sent to be pressed and printed on with vegetable dye.

Lez with sterilised sheep poo

The poo is first collected, boiled to disinfect germs, then washed in the washing machine to complete the sterilising process. The produce is then mashed and mixed with recycled paper, and poured into a mould to create the paper. Remember the days of making paper using mashed old newspaper? This paper is made the same old-school way by hand:

Yuko making Sheep Poo Paper

Lez hanging sheep poo paper to dry

Dried Sheep Poo Paper

Sheep Poo Paper can be made into letters, postcards, greeting cards, and the best product, in my opinion, the Sheep Poo Paper air freshener. I simply love the irony.

Sheep Poo Paper Air Freshener, Grass-scented | Photo Credit: Creative Paper Wales

Besides paper, Sheep Poo can also be made into a brick:

Sheep Poo Brick

and a Poo Canoe:

Sheep Poo Canoe

Imagine floating around in sheep poo. Lez’s and Lawrence’s initial intention for making the boat was to raise money for charity.

Making paper out of poo, however, was not an original idea. The idea stemmed from Roo Poo Paper of Australia,  and the techniques were learnt from the producers of elephant poo paper in Thailand. That said, I personally feel that the humour connected to the Sheep Poo Paper brand makes it more memorable than the other two.

Though I did not have the opportunity to attempt some paper-making, the chance to learn the workings behind the business coupled with Lez’s sense of humour (we did not have the chance to meet Lawrence) made the visit worthwhile.

Most unfortunately, regular tourists will not be able to visit the paper mill as the folks at Creative Paper Wales currently do not have a visitor centre and are still working on getting one. But if you’re keen on getting some Sheep Poo Paper of your own, you can purchase them online, and also at their a-few-hundred retailers around the UK.

Now who wants some Sheep Poo Paper?


I went to Wales to accompany 6 travel bloggers from around Asia as part of The Great Welsh Showdown, a Visit Britain initiative to introduce the beauty of Wales to the blogosphere.


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The Great Welsh Showdown: Day 0 – London Baby!

From L to R (Clockwise): Aparna (Backpacking Ninja, India), me, Anthony (Travel Tart, Aust), Aries (HK), Nellie (Wildjunket, Singapore), Yuko (Japan) Lorraine (Visit Britain), Dong Gu (Korea)

So after many weeks of preparation, all of us have finally gathered here at the Umi Hotel in London.

I’m here with 6 travels bloggers from around the Asia Pacific region for Visit Britain’s first ever blogger trip done in the form of a competition. Termed The Great Welsh Showdown, the competition comprises 5 challenges done over the course of 4 days in Wales, where these bloggers stand to win another pair of return tickets to their preferred destination anywhere in Britain. Not bad me thinks. How I wish I could actually be a participant in this and stand a chance to come to Britain, again! That aside…

Come tomorrow morning, we will be making our way to Cardiff to begin our first challenge of The Great Welsh Showdown – Wyt ti’n Siarad Cymraeg? (Do you speak Welsh?). The bloggers will sit in a half-day Welsh Language lesson and I think it’ll be quite interesting to see if any of the bloggers will be able pick up at least a bit of the the language. After all, Welsh is infamously difficult so much so many local Welsh, especially those of the younger generation, can no longer speak their own native tongue.

Bushcraft | photo credit: http://www.walkandtravel.com

Day 2 will see us in Swansea, where the bloggers will fight it out in the wilderness. The bloggers will undergo a basic bushcraft course to learn some useful skills on how to survive in the wilderness such as lighting a fire without matches, or setting up a shelter using branches. The 6 bloggers will be split into groups of 3, where they will compete to see which group best survives in the wilderness.

Jumping off the cliff | photo credit: http://www.angleseyadventures.com

We will move on to Pembrokeshire on the third day, where we will be doing some Coasteering. In other words. Wetsuits. Cliffs. Navigate. Take video (or rather, be videoed). Say last words. Jump.

The last day, which I’m personally super excited about, involves sheep! Loads of sheep! And their poo. Why let perfectly-formed sheep excrement go to waste when you can make paper out of it? Even Gordon Ramsey, who rears sheep to eventually cook them, thinks that their sh*t should not go to waste. And the man, makes them into menus. Check this out:

Yes, we’ll be making Sheep Poo Paper as well. After which, we will go pretend to be farmers and learn how to gather sheep. (Hopefully gather the actual sheep and not their poo.) How cool is that. We’ll be in Snowdonia, a famed national park, for this challenge and being such a nature-freak, I’m really looking forward to the picturesque views.

Flip MinoHD | Photo credit: Cisco

The last challenge can be done at any point of the Wales trip. Cisco kindly sponsored us (rather the bloggers) 7 Flip MinoHDs, and they will be taking a video, humourous in nature, of the trip. The best part? One of their readers will also stand to win 7th Flip cam. So, go leave a comment on the videos when they are up and you may just be the lucky winner. The Flip MinoHD is a pretty neat gadget.

Throughout these 4 days, the bloggers will be blogging on their individual sites while we, the organisers, will be doing some mini-updates on the microsite. And I, personally, will try to blog here. I shall take my leave now. Till Cardiff, goodnight.


I went to Wales to accompany 6 travel bloggers from around Asia as part of The Great Welsh Showdown, a Visit Britain initiative to introduce the beauty of Wales to the blogosphere.


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