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How Many Days Can I Travel with $X?

You know you’re obsessed with the idea of travel when you start to think about money in terms of how long you can travel for and places you can go.

“Oh this can buy me a return ticket to Japan.”

“I can spend another month in Nepal with this amount.”

“This can buy me an entire month’s worth of meals in China. And still be left with some change.”

are but a few thoughts that have gone through my mind the past month since my return from my 8-week trip.

I recall reading an article a couple of weeks ago in a local women’s magazine about some rich teenagers who thrive on high-fashion and splurging their parents’ money on the latest fashion items. I suppose some people do think of money in terms of the number of handbags they can buy, or the amount of shoes they can collect.

My only thought when I came to the part where one of the teenagers interviewed mentioned her latest buy – a S$15,000 watch? “Damn, I could travel for 6 months very comfortably with that kind of money.”

I came across this chart on The Expeditioner today:

How Many Days Can I Travel In [Insert Country Here] With $1,000?

So apparently, if the rich teenager, decides to do without yet another watch, and sponsors me the S$15,000 (about US$10,700) instead, I can travel for 2 years in India!

Time to go to India folks!



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